Tips For Finding Clearance Bargains

    Amazon Clearance Bargains After Discount

    We all love a bargain, don’t we? Clearance bargains can offer some of the best value-for-money purchases we will ever make. Usually they are near sell-by-date (for perishable items), end-of-line goods or bankrupt stock. They could also be warehouse clearance, overstock or out of season goods. As a result, suppliers want to sell them quickly to free up space and / or capital. This can then be re-invested in more saleable / profitable items.

    This is good news for us as long as we know where to look and how to find these little treasures (they don’t always make it easy!). Whether we’re looking to buy them for ourselves or as presents for others. It could even be that we’re looking at buying things cheap and selling on to others for more and making a bit of profit out of it. Keep reading to learn some of the tricks I’ve picked up…

    Amazon Clearance Bargains

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    Amazon do a pretty good job of advertising their clearance bargains on their homepage. Clicking on Today’s Deals gives a good selection of offers at up to 75% off. The Warehouse Deals section has bargains at prices that just won’t be found anywhere else (remember that many of these items are open box or customer returns and may be sold without the original box etc. – read the description carefully!). There is also the Amazon Outlet section which they describe themselves as “markdowns, clearance items, overstocks, discounts and more”

    BUT – there is a way to find even better hidden deals of up to 99% off!

    Simply visit Amazon and search as usual, or use the search box below, (for example, let’s say you’re looking for a new kettle for your kitchen)


    You will see a page that looks similar to the one below:

    Amazon Clearance Bargains Before Discount


    simply copy and paste &pct-off=50-99 onto the very end of the address as shown in the picture below and press enter:

    Amazon Clearance Bargains After Discount


    Amazon will now magically only show you kettles that are between 50 and 99% off! (you can of course change these numbers to search for the discount of your choice)