Shopping For Cheap Designer Watches

Cheap Designer Watches After Discount

I’m not quite sure why, it might be the early onset of a mid-life crisis. It might be the result of recent events in my life and deep down I’m telling myself I deserve a treat. All I know is lately I’ve been thinking a lot about buying myself a watch. Not any old watch. I want a nice one. A designer one. But I still like a bargain so I don’t want to spend a fortune. So I’ve been looking for cheap designer watches.

No, not like they sell on the beach in Magaluf where they somehow manage to spell Rolex wrong. Don’t ask me how.

I want a designer watch but I don’t want to be paying top whack designer prices, and why would I?

So, Where Can I Find Cheap Designer Watches?

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Now, I could go to eBay, type in the name of my favourite designer watch (I’m leaning towards Armani – they do some beautiful watches). Then I would only have to Western Union a couple of hundred pounds to someone I know nothing about for it never to be seen again. That’s not how we do things, is it? In all seriousness, I don’t doubt there are some very reputable watch sellers on eBay but while I was researching prices they just couldn’t compete.

I was actually quite surprised where I found the best prices but thinking about it, I shouldn’t have been. Amazon are fast becoming my go-to place for almost everything since I found this little hack for finding hidden discounted items across their whole website at up to 99% off!

All you have to do is visit Amazon and search as usual, or use the search box below:


You will then see a page that looks like this:

Designer Watches Before Discount


then just copy and paste &pct-off=50-99 onto the end of the full website address (as shown in the picture below) and press enter:

Cheap Designer Watches After Discount


and as if by magic, Amazon will now only show you designer watches with a discount of between 50 and 99% off RRP! (you can change the 50 and 99 to search for different discounts)

Now I’ve just got to make my mind up out of the 162 Armani watches available at half price or less!